Read. Learn. Grow.

...This new program is designed to create a book bank that will ultimately serve all of the city of Atlanta, Georgia. Our objectives are to:

-Establish a donation network of local retailers, wholesalers and the local community.

-Effectively distribute the home libraries to low-income families living in the city of Atlanta.

-Acquire donations through corporate and private charities.

-Raise money in fundraising activity.

The Reading Room collects books from its donation bins set up in multiple locations around the city. We actively collect donations from the local community and libraries to service the program. The majority of the books we distribute are gently used, but there are also purchased books. Each family will receive one brand new three shelf bookcase. Each bookcase is specially made for The Reading Room by homeless veterans. These men are employed by the Furniture Bank of Atlanta to help them learn skills, receive training and education in an effort to get them back on their feet. Parents will receive a handbook with information on language development and reading skills for children. Each child will receive a personalized book bag containing up to 10 age appropriate books. In some instances, donated toys will be distributed along with the books based on quantity and condition received.

The Reading Room